Tree Felling and Dismantling

We always try and help our customers to safely manage and protect their trees, but sometimes a tree must be removed. This may be due to disease or damage; if the species was too big and it has outgrown the space; or if it needs removing when the space is required.

For tree felling and dismantling, get in touch with Chapel Tree Services.

Tree Felling & Dismantling

Professional Tree Felling

Trees can be felled either from the ground if there is adequate space in which to safely fell it or it can be dismantled in sections by a professional climbing Arborist who will cut pieces from a safe anchor point in the tree, which will be dropped or rigged down to the grounds team.

A safe drop zone should be established in which to fell or dismantle the tree, to protect you, your property and the public. When a tree is taken down we always urge our customers to replant a suitable species elsewhere in their garden and can help with sourcing and planting.

Tree Felling Services
Tree Felling from height

Comprehensive Tree Services

Why Contact Chapel Tree Services?

At Chapel Tree Services, we take great satisfaction in offering outstanding tree care that is firmly grounded in safety. In addition to being skilled, our team consists of enthusiastic arborists that contribute knowledge and energy to each project. We put your whole peace of mind first, therefore we make sure every member of staff has advanced first-aid training, aerial rescue skills, and all the certifications required for efficient tree work. We also go over and above by making continuous investments in skill development through internal workouts and training programmes. You can be sure that your trees are in the capable, committed, and safety-conscious hands of Chapel Tree Services when you choose them.

As a business and a team, we fulfil all the necessary responsibilities and take every appropriate action to improve the work environment. All of us put the commitment to enhancing sustainability at the heart of our services, protecting animals and making optimal use of resources.

Bespoke Tree Care

Tree Care for Homeowners

Chapel Tree offers homeowners residential tree maintenance services. You don't need to apply for or enquire for authorisation because we take care of any necessary planning approval on your behalf. We'll use our expertise, abilities, and tools to handle a variety of tree-related challenges. Chapel Tree can provide routine tree and shrub care or one-time care, including trimming, diagnosing unhealthy trees and hedges, and removing branches to increase light in your garden.

We work carefully to guarantee that your trees are left in good health and that no harm is done to your property or gardens. Unless you want wood mulch for your garden, we always clean up after ourselves after finishing a project and remove wood and chippings.

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