Crown Thinning, Lifting & Reductions

There are a number of techniques an Arborist can apply to the crown of a tree, which may be recommended to maintain a tree in safe condition, remove dead branches, promote growth and regulate the size and shape.

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Crown Thinning, Lifting & Reductions

What Is Crown Thinning, Lifting & Reduction

Crown thinning means to remove some of the smaller branches, usually at the outer crown to thin out and produce a uniform density of foliage. Crown thinning done properly will not affect the overall size or shape of the tree. This technique is usually used to allow more light through the tree or to reduce wind resistance.

Crown lifting or raising means pruning the tree from the ground up, usually to a clearly specified height to gain clearance under the tree. For example, we could prune the tree to gain a 5m clearance above ground level to allow for parking access.

Crown reduction means reducing the height or spread of the tree, often used when the tree is getting big for the site and the owner wants to allow more light into a garden. This should be done carefully and sympathetically over the whole crown and must not be confused with ‘topping’ an indiscriminate and harmful process of just removing the top of a tree.

Crown Thinning Services
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Why Choose Chapel Tree Services?

At Chapel Tree Services, we take immense pride in providing exceptional tree care with a resolute commitment to safety. Our team isn't just qualified – they're passionate arborists who bring experience and enthusiasm to every project. We prioritise your complete peace of mind, ensuring all staff possess not only the necessary certifications for effective tree work but also advanced first-aid training and aerial rescue qualifications. Furthermore, we go the extra mile by investing in ongoing skill development through training courses and in-house exercises. When you choose Chapel Tree Services, you can be confident that your trees are in the hands of a highly trained, safety-conscious, and dedicated team.

As a company and a team, we take all the appropriate measures and responsibilities to enhance an environment when we’re on a job. We’ll protect wildlife and use resources efficiently, with our commitment to improving sustainability at the forefront of our services.

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Serving Residential Customers

Chapel Tree provides residential tree care for homeowners. We handle any planning permission if required, on your behalf so you don’t have to apply or enquire about permission. We’ll address many tree situations with our knowledge, skills and equipment. From pruning, assessing diseased trees and hedges as well as reducing branches to bring more light into your garden; Chapel Tree can tend to your trees and shrubs regularly or do a one-off job.

We work safely to ensure property and gardens are not damaged and your trees are left in good health. Once we’ve completed a job, we always tidy up after ourselves and remove wood and chippings unless you would like the wood mulch for your garden.

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