Stump Grinding

Once a tree has been taken down, the most efficient way to remove the stump is to use a stump grinder, which will mechanically grind out the main root plate, leaving chippings. This prevents any regrowth or fungal rot and avoids the use of chemicals to kill the stump.  The hole can then be filled, leaving the area ready for the next stage of garden development, whether you are replanting, fencing or undertaking building works.

Stump Removal

Although stump grinders can be hired, they are potentially hazardous so should only be operated by trained professionals.  Chapel Tree Services can offer stump removal for commercial or residential sites and offer this service as an add on to felling your trees or as a stand-alone service.

Once we have ground out the stump for you, we will usually backfill the hole with the chippings, which are mixed in with some soil. Alternatively, if you are replanting, this mulch can be used elsewhere in your garden as a weed inhibitor and you can fill the hole with topsoil.

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Matt stump grinding

Matt Stump grinding