Tree Services for Homeowners

What we can do for you
We can Take down dangerous trees, that may be damaged or diseased. Tree felling can be carried out in a couple of ways. Tree Felling involves cutting the tree very close to its base so that it all comes down together and in one go. Larger branches will usually be removed first, so as not to prevent the tree from falling. The other method we can use is sectioning, this can be used when trees are in a confined space. It is also often used to break up a tree in sections, this makes it easier for transportation when removing.
We can also carry out Tree pruning we can thin out or reduce the size of trees to let in more light and/or improve your view.
We can also tidy up hedges and shrubs, this can increase the size of your garden by removing overgrown and unwanted branches. We also offer Tree cutting, Stump grinding and tree pruning.

Emergency tree clearance
If trees have been damaged by storms or other unforeseen circumstances then we will come out at any time of day or night to deal with dangerous trees and ensure the safety of your property. Call us on our tree emergency 24-hour mobile number: 07980 602499 

Ask us for a free, no-obligation quote
Once you make contact with us, we will arrange a visit to your property to discuss your requirements.  We will be looking at the age and health of the trees, their position concerning any buildings/fences/drainage etc... as well as considering all the safety factors.  We will then recommend what, if anything, needs to be done and at what cost.

Once our quote has been accepted we will arrange a convenient date to carry out the work.  All equipment is provided by us and all sites will be cleared up in full. Once you are fully satisfied with the work we will send you an invoice.

For your peace of mind
All our staff are fully qualified and experienced tree surgeons.
Equipment is regularly checked and maintained to high safety standards.
All sites and operations are fully risk assessed.
We have £5 million public liability insurance cover.
We have employers liability insurance and waste carriers licence.