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Ross On Wye Tree Services

Firewood sales begin in Ross on Wye, Herefordshire

With the cold weather arriving we are already getting calls for multiple loads of firewood. The price of oil seems to mean that more folk are turning to solid fuel like wood. Calls are also coming from further afield, across Herefordshire, Gloucestershire & Monmouthshire as everyone wants to shop for the best deal on wood. Should…

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Herefordshire Eucalyptus Trees Dying

We have had to take down a remarkable number of Eucalyptus trees in the Ross on Wye and South Herefordshire area this year, as they are dying following last winter’s extreme cold weather.  It is advisable to get a professional Tree Surgeon to remove any dead or dying trees to ensure your safety and the safety…

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New tractor up and running!

Chapel Tree Services has now purchased a small tractor with winch and forwarding trailer to allow us to expand on our plans for low impact timber extraction. Its first working trip was to a private estate in Shropshire where our woodland work is now on a different scale thanks to the new equipment. Only downside to the new tractor…

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Firewood for sale

With Christmas only 8 weeks away everyone is getting their orders in now for plenty of seasoned firewood and we offer quality hardwood, split logs.  We are delivering logs all around the Ross on Wye/South Herefordshire area for £70 per cubic metre. Call now and get your orders in!

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Goodrich Trees cut down for new home owners

Chapel Tree Services today have worked wonders for new home owners in Goodrich, Herefordshire.  An apple tree and a large conifer have been removed to make way for work on their new home.  The owners are delighted to have space to put up the scaffolding needed and to have more light into their property.

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Chapel Tree Services Goes Online

Chapel Tree Services hits the Internet giving you chance to see just what the best Tree Services Company in Ross In Wye is up to. Providing home owners and business customers with the highest quality tree services in Ross On Wye

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